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Type of product: Solvent-free moisture curing one-component polyurethane adhesive

Areas of application: Bonding of different kinds of assembly work.
ICEMA R 145/88 has very good adhesion to pretreated metals such as galvanised steel, high-grade steel, undercoated steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, as well as thermosetting plastics, DKS, PS GF-polyesters, rigid PVC, ABS, wood and cemented materials.

Remarks: Due to the large variety of different materials, applications and possibly resulting differences in the adhesion properties, an adhesion test is mandatory before introducing the adhesive into the actual production process.

Technical Data:
Density (20°C): approx. 1.50 g/cm3
Viscosity ( 20°C): approx. 140000 mPas
Open time:
(20°C, 50% relative humidity)
without spraying with water after spraying with water
approx. 5 minutes,
approx. 2 minutes.
Colour: white
Hazard. Goods Classif.: see Safety Data Sheet
Diluent: no dilute necessary
Cleaning agent: ISA-Verdünner 1 (for cleaning equipment)
USE: 100 - 200 g/m2, according to type of application
Application temp.: at least 10°C
Shelf life: 6 months in a dry environment between +5°C and +25°C in unopened cartridges and containers.
Protect from moisture. Opened containers must be closed airtight and used up as soon as possible.

Instructions for use
ICEMA R 145/88 cross-links in the presence of moisture to form a solid, permanently elastic film. Although the water vapour in the ambient air and parts may already be sufficient for this process, water is usually sprayed onto the bonding site. Analyses on the influence of temperature and humidity on the strength of a completely cured glue are to be carried out with respect to the specific application.
More moisture and higher temperatures accelerate the cross-linking process and therefore influence the shelf life, open time and curing time of the adhesive. The times indicated in this data sheet are therefore only guide numbers which may vary according to the existing conditions.

Instructions for Application
ICEMA R 145/88 is applied to one side in a strip and if necessary further spread using a toothed trowel.

Addition of Moisture
To accelerate curing and gain independence from the varying degrees of moisture available, a fine spray of water is usually supplied to the bonding site.
Although water is sprayed in most cases onto the coating film of adhesive, in some cases the opposite side may also be sprayed. Approximately 30 g/m2 of water is sufficient.

Assembling and Pressing
The parts may be assembled and pressed immediately after applying the adhesive and spraying it with water. This must take place within the open wet time. The parts should continue to be pressed until the adhesive has cured to ensure a close contact of the bonding surfaces. The amount of pressure required and the type of pressing process employed is largely determined by the type and size of the parts to be bonded, since the adhesive itself does not require pressure in order to cure and the pressure only serves to hold the bonding parts together.

Pressing Times
The required pressing times depends completely on the temperature and degree of available moisture. The following are standard values if water is sprayed onto the bonding site:

At + 20°C approx. 10 minutes,
    + 40°C approx. 5 minutes,
    + 60°C approx. 3 minutes.

With these times a strength is reached which allows further working of the parts. The final strength is reached after several days.
Exact times for special applications must be individually determined, as they may vary due to existing conditions. Ask for our advice on this.

Label elements:

Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

The product is classified and labelled according to the CLP regulation.

Hazard pictograms:


          GHS07                           GHS08

Signal word: Danger

Hazard-determining components of labelling: diphenylmethane-4,4'-diisocyanate methylenediphenyl diisocyanate, isomeres and homologues.

Hazard statements:

H332 - Harmful if inhaled.

H315 - Causes skin irritation.

H319 - Causes serious eye irritation.

H334 - May cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled. 

H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction. 

H351 - Suspected of causing cancer.

H335 - May cause respiratory irritation.

H373 - May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.

Precautionary statements:

P260 - Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray. 

P280 - Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. 

P284 - [In case of inadequate ventilation] wear respiratory protection. 

P304+P340 - IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing. 

P305+P351+P338 - IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. 

P308+P313 - IF exposed or concerned: Get medical advice/attention.

P405 - Store locked up.

Additional information: EUH204 - Contains isocyanates. May produce an allergic reaction. 

Poison Center Number: 2107793777 (in Greece).

H.B.FULLER - ICEMA 145/88 glue is available in packages of 470gr.

NOTE: At your disposal, at the bottom of the page and in .PDF format you will find the TECHNICAL DATA SHEET in English as well as the SAFETY DATA SHEET in Greek and German of the product H.B. FULLER - ICEMA 145/88

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