For decorative colouring of all hardwoods and softwoods, with deep penetration

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Characteristics: Water soluble wood stain in powder form with intensive, brilliant colour effect for all common wood types. In dissolved form the colours can be mixed with one another. Different colour combinations can be produced by adding more or less water.

Areas of Application: For colouring untreated wood surfaces in the indoor area, such as carvings, shelves, furniture, mouldings, frames or claddings.
Contents (as per VdL-RL 01, the German association for paint and printing inks’ guideline for declaring paint products): Synthetic colourants, evaporated salt.

CLOU Powder Stain Sachets: When using our specially packaged CLOU Powder Stain Sachets, things get even easer. Each sachet is filled with the precise amount of stain needed to give you exactly 250ml of stain

1. Take one sachet of Clou Powder Stain

2. Add 250ml of hot water

3. Mix well and let cool

STAIN IN POWDER (WATER SOLUBLE) - CLOU PULVERBEIZE WASSERLÖSLICH (water anelins) are available in 25 colors, in 12g sachets with the following codes:

151 Gelb G (yellow G)                     152  Gelb R auf Ahorn (yellow R)

153  Orange                                   154  Hellrot (light red)

155  Dunkelrot (dark red)                156  Nussbaum mittel(mahogany)         

157  Hellgrün (light green)               158  Dunkelgrün (dark green)

159  Viollet                                     160  Blau (blue)         

161  Hellgrau (light gray)                 162  Dunkelgrau (dark gray)

163  Eiche hell (light oak)                164  Eiche mittel (Medium oak)              

165  Eiche dunkel (dark oak)            166  Nussbaum hell (walnut light)

167  Nussbaum mittel (walnut medium),

168  Nussbaum dunkel (walnut dark)         

169  Mahagoni hell (mahogany light)

170  Mahagoni dunkel (mahogany dark)    

171  Kirschbaum (cherry)                  172  birnbaum (pear)            

173  Teak                                         174 Schwartz (black)

175  Kirschbaum dunkel (cherry dark)

Storage: Store in well-sealed original containers in a cool place protected from frost. Can be stored for 5 years in original sealed containers. Move any opened powder stain to smaller, suitable containers, seal airtight and use in a timely manner.

Safety precautions: Even when working with low-polluting products the usual safety measures should be complied with. Store out of the reach of children. Wear suitable protective clothing. Ensure there is a good supply of air during work and drying. If product comes in contact with the eyes or skin, wash thoroughly with water immediately. Do not allow product to find its way into the sewage system, surface waters, or groundwater. Please refer to the safety data sheet for more information.

Label elements:

Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

Hazard pictograms:


Signal word:


Hazard statements:


Precautionary statements:

P102 - Keep out of reach of children.

Preparation: After the usual wetting the wood down before staining and drying, sand with a 150 / 180 grain and carefully remove the dust. To avoid a blotchy overall stain appearance, completely remove any glue residues and areas containing resin. Particularly in the case of woods with larger pores, remove the sanding dust by carefully brushing out the wood pores.

Processing: Stirring constantly, dissolve bag contents completely in 250 ml of hot tap water, and allow to become cold. Any amounts removed can lead to differences in colour. Before use and during long application processes stir the stain solution well, to avoid colour variations. Apply the stain solution uniformly saturated with surplus using a flat, metal-free brush (a staining brush) or a sponge in the direction of the grain. After 2 minutes, using a brush or sponge remove the surplus that has not penetrated, first crosswise and then lengthwise. On vertical surfaces always apply from the bottom upwards, so that the stain does not run down in thin beads and leave clearly visible stripes.

STAIN IN POWDER - CLOU PULVERBEIZE (water anelins) are available on request in cans of 250gr and in cans of 1.0kg.

NOTE 1: At the end of this page, is available video with the presentation of the product STAIN IN POWDER - CLOU PULVERBEIZE (water anelins).

NOTE 2: At the bottom of this page is available the Technical Data Sheet as well the Safety Data Sheet of the STAIN IN POWDER (WATER SOLUBLE) - CLOU PULVERBEIZE WASSERLÖSLICH product.

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